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Project Headless - for Node.js

There are many modules already out there for node.js, but most of them actually did thinks in a quick and dirty way.

This project aimed to implement most of the existing module in an error recoverable way that will pause on error and resume when possible, instead of throwing an error and dies.

The reason to make this project mostly because I have a Raspberry Pi in hand, and I want it to initialise on boot, standby, then works accordingly when I plug something in.

But this project could actually be very useful in server environments, like scheduled tasks, automated email and some conditional tasks that would otherwise need a whole check/polling mechanism written for every single task.

For more info of single modules, please refer to the wiki.

Headless Queen

As the name stated, this script spawns child processes.

Queen seeks executables upon a directory and globs with a pattern, spawning child processes with them, and dies when no more child processes left to feed itself.