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    Hashblue Live is a project inside O2 Labs to build a streaming API on top of our mobile network. Right now we have inbound SMS working, but we're working on getting more.

    Hashblue Live also has the ability to stop delivery of a message to the handset/SIM, so use with care.

    How to Install

    npm install node-hashblue-live

    How to Use

    First, require node-hashblue-live:

    var hashblue = require('node-hashblue-live');

    Next, create a client and listen on the callbacks:

    var client = new hashblue.Client();
    client.connect(msisdn,password, function(){
    client.on("message", function(message){
        console.log("Message: " + message.body);
    client.on("error", function(error){
        console.log("Error: " + error);

    If you wish to stop delivery over GSM:

    client.on("message", function(message){
        console.log("Message: " + message.body);

    For clarity you can also pass true to the deliverOnGSM method, and that will try to deliver the message in the usual way.

    If you don't call deliverOnGSM, the message will be automatically delivered.

    Getting your credentials

    Before you can use Hashblue Live, you'll need some credentials. It's easy - just send an SMS with your desired password to 07598 020 176. Your number will be provisioned, and you'll get a text back when it's all done.

    Then, use your phone number and chosen password in client.connect.


    Turning off Hashblue Live

    If you want to disable Hashblue Live on your phone number, text STOP to 07598 020 176. You'll receive a confirmation by SMS shortly afterwards.

    Receiving SMS while your phone is offline

    Hashblue Live has the ability, in certain cases, to intercept incoming messages even if your phone is turned off or out of signal.

    Right now, that only works for messages sent by O2 customers. But we're working on making it available for messages from any network.

    A note on O2 Connect

    If you're an O2 Connect user, your Connect account will be deleted if you register with Hashblue Live. Unfortunately, at this time they are not compatible.

    If you do not want your O2 Connect account deleted, please do not use Hashblue Live.




    npm i node-hashblue-live

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