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    Provides a wrapper to node-geocode allowing for self rate limiting and caching of results.

    Whilst using node-geocode on a server enviroment you may run into the rate limits imposed by Google etc (10 requests per second)

    node-geocacher provides both geocode and batchGeocode just like node-geocode, but will review its cache, check if the cache entry exists or has expired, then perform a lookup that is queued by function-rate-limit module

    Cache storage

    Cache storage is provided by a Mongoose model, this allows for central storage among nodes as well as fast searching of the cache

    Each cached geocode will store the address, coordinates (latitutude/longitude) and an expiry date

    The expiry period is defined when adding the module


    // Define the provider, refer to node-geocode for more info
    var geocoderProvider = 'google' 
    // Define the http adapter, refer to node-geocode for more info
    var httpAdapter = 'http'
    // Define the provider, refer to node-geocode for more info
    var extra = { region: 'Australia' } 
    // How long cache entry will sustain
    var cacheExpiry = 86400000; 
    // How long is the interval
    var rateLimitInterval = 1000; 
    // How many times a request can be made during the interval
    var rateLimitPerInterval = 5; 
    // Database location
    var geocacher_db = 'mongodb://localhost/geocache'
    // Define geocode and geocacher modules, passing various configuration data
    var geocoder = require('node-geocoder')(geocoderProvider, httpAdapter, extra)
    var geocacher = require('geocacher')(geocoder, geocacher_db, cacheExpiry, rateLimitInterval, rateLimitPerInterval);
    // Exectute batchGeocode
    geocacher.batchGeocode(['address1', 'address2'], function(err, results) {
      if (err) console.log(err)


    npm i node-geocacher

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