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Find if an app is installed on a runtime.

This is part of the node-firefox project.

Current limitations

We do not support Windows yet. But there are placeholders in the code marked with TODO: Windows that indicate where the Windows code would need to be added. If you want to contribute, those are the gaps that need to be filled in order for this to work on Windows.


This is a work in progress. Things will probably be missing and broken while we move from fxos-findapp to node-firefox-find-app. Please have a look at the existing issues, and/or file more if you find any! :-)


From git

git clone
cd node-firefox-find-app
npm install

If you want to update later on:

cd node-firefox-find-app
git pull origin master
npm install


This module is not on npm yet.


findApp(options) // returns a Promise

where options is a plain Object which must contain the following:

  • manifest: the manifest contents, in JSON format
  • client: the remote client where we want to find if this app is installed

If no options are provided, or if options is an empty Object ({}), then findApp will fail (how can you find you don't know what app exactly in you don't know where?)

Finding apps in simulators, using the manifest JSON contents

var findApp = require('node-firefox-find-app');
var startSimulator = require('node-firefox-start-simulator');
var connect = require('node-firefox-connect');
var manifest = loadJSON('/path/to/manifest.webapp'));
startSimulator().then(function(simulator) {
  connect(simulator.port).then(function(client) {
      manifest: manifest,
      client: client
    }).then(function(result) {
      if (result.length === 0) {
        console.log('App is not installed');
      } else {
        console.log('Found app!', result);

You can have a look at the examples folder for a complete example.

Running the tests

After installing, you can simply run the following from the module folder:

npm test

To add a new unit test file, create a new file in the tests/unit folder. Any file that matches test.*.js will be run as a test by the appropriate test runner, based on the folder location.

We use gulp behind the scenes to run the test; if you don't have it installed globally you can use npm gulp from inside the project's root folder to run gulp.

Code quality and style

Because we have multiple contributors working on our projects, we value consistent code styles. It makes it easier to read code written by many people! :-)

Our tests include unit tests as well as code quality ("linting") tests that make sure our test pass a style guide and JSHint. Instead of submitting code with the wrong indentation or a different style, run the tests and you will be told where your code quality/style differs from ours and instructions on how to fix it.


This is based on initial work on fxos-findapp by Nicola Greco.


This program is free software; it is distributed under an Apache License.


Copyright (c) 2015 Mozilla (Contributors).


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