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We are creating a platform independant Eyefi Server written in Node. With a very focused feature set.

Features include:

  • Store received files in folder
  • Execute command after file has been received
  • Multiple cards


Simplfy clone the repository, run npm install and start the app.

git clone git://
npm install .


First. Setup your card so that it sends files to a computer. Also make sure that TransferRelay is turned OFF

Second. Change the config so it does what you want it to :)

Third. Start the server.

node app.js

If you want to choose a different config file

node app.js otherconfig.js

As soon as an image comes in, we'll inform you in the console.


  • GeoTagging
  • Create JPEG previews for RAW files
  • Different Config


The software has only been tested with Windows 7 x64, Mac OS X (10.5 and 10.6) and Debian 6 and an Eye-FI PRO X2 Card (Version 5.0001).

If you open an Issue, state as much information as possible such as: Eye-FI Firmware, Operating System, Node Version.


The documentation was taken from and