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    This module is a fork of expedia module that is not maintained anymore.

    Expedia API

    Small client interface for the Expedia EAN api.
    Provides an interface for the following methods:

    • Hotel List Retrieve a list of hotels by location or a list of specific hotel ids
    • Hotel Information Retrieve detailed information about a hotel from a hotel id
    • Room Availability Retrieve all available rooms for a specific hotel that accommodate the provided guest count and any other criteria.
    • Room Images Retrieve a list of room images for a specific hotelId organized by room type
    • Payment Types Retrieve credit card types compatible with current request settings
    • Book Reservation Request a reservation for the specified room(s).
    • Itinerary Request Retrieve an existing itinerary's status and details, confirm the status of a previously requested booking, or retrieve a list of itineraries from a specified date span.
    • Cancel Reservation Cancel an existing reservation for a single room.
    • Ping Request Send a ping request to expedia API servers to determine if service is available in the event of a suspected outage or ISP issue, or to obtain EAN's Unix server time when troubleshooting issues with signature authentication.
    • Geo Functions Obtain location data such as a specific destinationId, latitude/longitude coordinates, and the number of active properties available within the location.


    Install with npm:

    npm install --save node-expedia-api


    Usage requires an Expedia Api key and CID. For development use you can use the CID 55505. You can obtain your api key from the Expedia EAN api documentation.

    var options = {
            cid: 'YOUR CID',
            apiKey: 'YOUR EAN API KEY',
            secret: 'YOUR SECRET',
            locale: 'en_US',  // optional defaults to en_US
            currencyCode: 'USD'  // optional defaults to USD
    var expedia = require("expedia")(options);


    Expedia requires that you pass in a customer ip, unique session identifier, and browser agent. The remaining parameters are defined in the Expedia EAN api documentation. Please see the example directory for more options.

    var options = {
        customerSessionId: 'thisisauniqueID',
        customerIpAddress: '',
        customerUserAgent: 'Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_8_4) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko)',
        city: 'Bellevue',
        stateProvinceCode: 'WA',
        countryCode: 'US',
        postalCode: '98004'
    expedia.geoSearch(options, function(err, res) {
        if (err) { throw new Error(err); }




    npm i node-expedia-api

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