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EVE - Command line tool

Eve is a super simple command line tool for create HTML5 applications. It compiles into a single bundle JS library and module with Browseryfy.


$ npm install -g node-eve


    Usage: eve [options] [command]


        init  [name]                    Initialize an application structure
        build [options] [type] [config] Build app width type
        start [options] [config]        Build an app in develop mode and start webserver
        test  [options] <unit>          Build and start webserver for test
        extract [options]               Extract all strings for translation


        -h, --help     output usage information
        -V, --version  output the version number

eve init [name]

$ eve init myapp

Initialize an application structure.

eve build [type] [config]

$ eve build      // Alias of ...
$ eve build dev  // Compile application of type development. Also provide source map file.
$ eve build dist // Compile application of type production. The code is minified.
$ eve build pub  // Compile application of type production. The code is minified and, optionally, obfuscated with jScramble.

// Specify a custom configuration file

$ eve build pub --config config-custom.json

eve start [options] [config]

$ eve start

This comand compile the application each time a file is changed. Eve is listening folders:

  • templates
  • locales
  • lib
  • test
  • styles

Also it starts a web server, so as to allow the application display in browser. The default port is 5000 but if you change it run the command

$ eve start -p 5001

// Specify a custom configuration file

$ eve start --config config-custom.json

eve test

$ eve test ModuleName

eve extract

$ eve extract -d ./myapp/ -o ./myapp/file.json

Generate file for translations strings. File oupts are po, json or txt. More informations read the documentation of ets.

Packege.json of your app

    "name": "{{APP_NAME}}",
    "version": "1.0.0",
    "description": "",
    "author": "",
    "license": "",
    "main": "./lib/app.js",
    "scripts": {
        "start": "eve start",
        "dist": "eve build dist"
        "pub": "eve build pub",
        "pre": "eve build pub --config config-pre-production.json"
    "eve-language": "es6",
    "eve-version": "2.3.0",
    "eve-build-date": "2017-4-26"


Identify the language of the source code. Possible values: js, es6 (default is js). Babelify is used.

eve-version (not implemented yet)

Check the version of eve required by the project.


The configuration for watchify. For more information see watchify. Defaults:

        delay: 500,
        ignoreWatch: [ 'bundle.js', 'styles.css', 'package.json', '**/styles/**', '**/node_modules/**' ],
        poll: false

config-developement.json file

Punt into object the variables for developement mode.

config-production.json file

Punt into object the variables for production mode.

config.json file

The object is generated based on the compilation mode (development or production). Into your app require this object for read the variables.

.everc file

This is a file configuration for eve.


  • editor: this field indicates the editor that will open when the user clicks on the notification.
    "editor": "atom"

Tips & Tricks

File limit

If EMFILE file error is triggered use the command ulimit -n 2048 to fix it.


npm i node-eve

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