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Node Edmodo API

A Node NPM package to interact with the Edmodo API.

If you are looking for a Ruby gem to interact with the API take a look at the Edmodo API Gem


  • Get an Edmodo Publisher Account at
  • Initialize a EdmodoAPI object passing your api key and true or false if the production environment should be use (defaults to false).
  • Start calling Edmodo API methods.


// Sandbox environment
client = new EdmodoAPI(api_key, false);

// Production environment
client = new EdmodoAPI(api_key, true);

Supported Edmodo API methods

  • launchRequests
  • users
  • groups
  • groupsForUser
  • members
  • classmates
  • teachers
  • teachermates
  • teacherConnections
  • assignmentsComingDue
  • gradesSetByAppForUser
  • gradesSetByAppForGroup
  • badgesAwarded
  • eventsByApp
  • parents
  • children
  • profiles
  • registerBadge
  • updateBadge
  • awardBadge
  • revokeBadge
  • newGrade
  • setGrade
  • newEvent
  • addToLibrary
  • setNotification
  • UserPost
  • turnInAssignment
  • NewEvent
  • AddToLibrary


make test 
make test-dev (verbose output for request and debug function)

ZOMG Fork! Thank you!

You're welcome to fork this project and send pull requests. Please include tests and run grunt to make sure all file have lint check.

Copyright (c) 2013 Gabriel Cebrian, released under the MIT license