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EasyPost Node Client Library

This branch (v3) is a work in progress and should be considered very unstable.

EasyPost is a simple shipping API. You can sign up for an account at



npm install --save node-easypost

Note: if you are using a version of Node less than 6.9, you will need to install and include a polyfill, such as babel-polyfill, and include it in your project:

npm install --save babel-polyfill

In your file:

const EasyPost = require('node-easypost');

You can also clone this repository, npm install to install dependencies, npm run build to build the project, and run API_KEY=yourkey ./repl.js to try out an interactive CLI.


const apiKey = 'cueqNZUb3ldeWTNX7MU3Mel8UXtaAMUi';
const EasyPost = require('node-easypost');
const api = new EasyPost(apiKey);
// set addresses 
const toAddress = new api.Address({
  name: 'Dr. Steve Brule',
  street1: '179 N Harbor Dr',
  city: 'Redondo Beach',
  state: 'CA',
  zip: '90277',
  country: 'US',
  phone: '310-808-5243'
const fromAddress = new api.Address({
  name: 'EasyPost',
  street1: '118 2nd Street',
  street2: '4th Floor',
  city: 'San Francisco',
  state: 'CA',
  zip: '94105',
  phone: '415-123-4567'
/* es5 with promises: */ => {
/* es2017 with async/await: */

Note: if you are using es6, you can use import "node-easypost/easypost" to avoid loading regenerator-runtime twice. We plan on supporting a node6+ version at some point as well for native generator support.