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node-dkp is a DKP system for MMORPGs written in NodeJS. It handles raid or guild meeting registrations and tracks items that members got within the raids, as well as points given or taken.

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  • MongoDB server >= 2.2.x
  • NodeJS >= 0.10.x
  • Redis Server >= 2.6.x


Clone via git:

git clone
cd node-dkp

Or install via npm:

npm install node-dkp
cd node_modules/node-dkp

The install script will run you through the configuration of your server and set up an admin account.


Via git:

git pull

Via npm:

npm update node-dkp

Running the server

To run the server, run this command in the node-dkp directory:


You can use forever to run it as a deamon in the background:

forever start /path/to/node-dkp/app.js

Setting things up

Once the server is running, you can access it via browser and login to your admin account. You can set up your page name, raid types, item drops, characters roles / classes, etc.

After that, click on "New event" and start with your first raid!


You can help translate node-dkp into other languages at Transifex:

If you find bugs or have feature requests, please go to Issues