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Node CRC16 - (中文版README)

MODBUS is an application-layer messaging protocol, positioned at level 7 of the OSI model. It provides client/server communication between devices connected on different types of buses or networks.The CRC(Cyclic Redundancy Check) part in protocol, such as MODBUS over serial line(Page 42), and Modbus-RTU(Page 75), adopt the same one algorithm.

node-crc16 implement the c++ version of this algorithm by table look-up, and also provide a node native addon and a nodejs version wrapper.

This module has been well unit tested and documented.


Tips: the intuitive decription about this module is the comment in src and the code in unit test :).


npm install node-crc16

generate a sum crc16.checkSum

checkSumaccept three params, the first two params (input, [encoding]) construct a buffer

crc16.checkSum('utf8 string', 'utf8')

default encoding is hex

var sum = crc16.checkSum('a031ffb7');

the third param is option,an object

  • option.retType set the format of the returned sum
    • default is hex,two bytes BigEndian hex string, 726d
    • array, two unsigned char number of the returned sum,[114, 109]
    • int,one unsigned short number of the returned sum,29293
    • buffer,Buffer type of the returned sum,<Buffer 72 6d>
var sum = crc16.checkSum('a031ffb7', {retType: 'array'});
sum.should.eql([114, 109]);

verify a sum crc16.verifySum

Params of verifySum is same as checkSum, the first two params is to constructed a buffer, which contains the sum to be verified.

var stream = 'a031ffb7',
    sum = '726d';
var isValid = crc16.verifySum(stream + sum);


get source code

# fork and clone the code to your local env 
git clone
cd crc16

code structure

├── lib         //CRC16 algorithm implemention in c++
├── util        //Util functions
├── src         //Node Native Addon
├── test        //JS unit testing
├── test_cpp    //C++ unit testing
├── index.js    //Main entry of NodeJS module

install dependencies

npm install

C++ unit testing

CRC16check and verify algorithm's implemention in c++ is standalone and in ./lib/ you will modify that, please write suitable unit testing case. You can reference Catch, and then run:

make test

Make sure all the unit testing case is passed after you modify.

JS unit testing

npm test or ./node_modules/.bin/mocha --reporter spec


use benchmark.js

 >>> npm run benchmark
> node-crc16@1.0.0 benchmark /Users/nemo/code/imnemo/crc16
> node benchmark/benchmark.js
CEC16#checkSum x 905,071 ops/sec ±2.00% (83 runs sampled)
CRC16#verifySum x 1,540,940 ops/sec ±19.92% (65 runs sampled)
Fastest is CRC16#verifySum

use nanobench

 >>> npm run nanobench
> node-crc16@1.0.0 nanobench /Users/nemo/code/imnemo/crc16
> node benchmark/nanobench.js
NANOBENCH version 2
> /Users/nemo/.nvm/versions/node/v8.1.2/bin/node benchmark/nanobench.js
# CRC16#checkSum 2,000,000 times 
ok ~3.17 s (3 s + 166422442 ns)
# CRC16#verifySum 2,000,000 times 
ok ~2.85 s (2 s + 848059820 ns)
all benchmarks completed
ok ~6.01 s (6 s + 14482262 ns)

pull request

You can pull a request when you complete all steps above.


  • Add JS code lint
  • Add changelog
  • Add JS unit test
  • Add JS unit test code covarage
  • Add C++ unit test
  • Add CI
  • Add performance test
  • Add global module supported to provide a cli tool
  • Refactor node native addon part with NAN
  • Add donate entry

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