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    Node CRC16 - (中文版README)

    MODBUS is an application-layer messaging protocol, positioned at level 7 of the OSI model. It provides client/server communication between devices connected on different types of buses or networks.The CRC(Cyclic Redundancy Check) part in protocol, such as MODBUS over serial line(Page 42), and Modbus-RTU(Page 75), adopt the same one algorithm.

    node-crc16 implement the c++ version of this algorithm by table look-up, and also provide a node native addon and a nodejs version wrapper.

    This module has been well unit tested and documented.


    If your version of node.js is lower than v8.x.x, please use the latest v1.x.x of this module, or you should select v2.x.x, which uses NAPI to implement native addon gracefully and compatibly.


    Tips: the most intuitive decription about this module is the comment in src and the code in unit test :).


    npm install node-crc16

    generate a sum by crc16.checkSum

    checkSumaccept three params, the first two params (input, [encoding]) construct a Buffer

    crc16.checkSum('utf8 string', 'utf8')

    default encoding is hex

    var sum = crc16.checkSum('a031ffb7');

    the third param is option,which type is Object

    • option.retType set the format of the returned sum
      • default is hex,two bytes BigEndian hex string, 726d
      • array, two unsigned char number of the returned sum,[114, 109]
      • int,one unsigned short number of the returned sum,29293
      • buffer,Buffer type of the returned sum,<Buffer 72 6d>
    var sum = crc16.checkSum('a031ffb7', {retType: 'array'});
    sum.should.eql([114, 109]);

    verify a sum by crc16.verifySum

    Params of verifySum is same as checkSum, the first two params are used to constructe a Buffer which contains the sum to be verified.

    var stream = 'a031ffb7',
        sum = '726d';
    var isValid = crc16.verifySum(stream + sum);


    get source code

    # fork and clone the code to your local env 
    git clone
    cd crc16

    code structure

    ├── lib         //CRC16 algorithm implemention in c++
    ├── util        //Util functions
    ├── src         //Node Native Addon
    ├── test        //JS unit testing
    ├── test_cpp    //C++ unit testing
    ├── index.js    //Main entry of NodeJS module

    install dependencies

    npm install

    C++ unit testing

    The implemention of CRC16 checking and verifing algorithm in c++ is standalone in ./lib/ If you want to modify it, please write suitable unittest cases. You can reference Catch, and then run:

    make test

    Make sure all the unit testing case is passed after you modify.

    JS unit testing

    npm test or ./node_modules/.bin/mocha --reporter spec


    use benchmark.js

     >>> npm run benchmark
    > node-crc16@1.0.0 benchmark /Users/nemo/code/imnemo/crc16
    > node benchmark/benchmark.js
    CEC16#checkSum x 905,071 ops/sec ±2.00% (83 runs sampled)
    CRC16#verifySum x 1,540,940 ops/sec ±19.92% (65 runs sampled)
    Fastest is CRC16#verifySum

    use nanobench

     >>> npm run nanobench
    > node-crc16@1.0.0 nanobench /Users/nemo/code/imnemo/crc16
    > node benchmark/nanobench.js
    NANOBENCH version 2
    > /Users/nemo/.nvm/versions/node/v8.1.2/bin/node benchmark/nanobench.js
    # CRC16#checkSum 2,000,000 times 
    ok ~3.17 s (3 s + 166422442 ns)
    # CRC16#verifySum 2,000,000 times 
    ok ~2.85 s (2 s + 848059820 ns)
    all benchmarks completed
    ok ~6.01 s (6 s + 14482262 ns)

    pull request

    You can pull a request when you complete all steps above.


    • Add JS code lint
    • Add changelog
    • Add JS unit test
    • Add JS unit test code covarage
    • Add C++ unit test
    • Add CI
    • Add performance test
    • Refactor node native addon part with NAPI
    • Add index.js.d
    • Add global module supported to provide a cli tool
    • Add donate entry

    twitter: @imoncoding


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