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node.js library for box.{net,com}

This library is still under construction and for a particular use-case. Anybody who wants to add code is more than welcome (taking usual steps of course).


Add to package.json: "node-box": "git://".


Right now the only exported function is fetchByExtensions, which pulls in files from your top-level directory. All these files match an extension in an array you put in. It is used as so:

{BoxFetcher} = require "node-box"
boxFetcher = new BoxFetcher(myApiKey)

... and then ...

authToken = somehowGetTokenFromSession()
boxFetcher.fetchExtensions token, ["jpg", "gif", "png"], (images)->
  # do stuff to images

A note on coffeescript

All code, tests and samples are right now written in coffeescript. However, the outputted npm is usable in vanilla js projects all the same.