node package manager



What is it?

A boilerplate I use for all my node projects. It fetches a ZIP file and extracts it into the current folder, which is really handy since you can download a ZIP from a git repository. This ZIP acts as a base project, and is very handy for setting up .gitignore, .editorconfig, .jshintrc.

If you don't like my base repository, you can use your own (instructions below).


Run npm install -g node-boil.


Just run boil in the folder you want to put the boilerplate in.

Custom base repository

Just create a .boilrc in your home folder (or any of the parent folders in which you want to use a custom base repository) with the following content:

    "repository": "",
    "success": "Boiled"

As you can see, this allows you to change:

  • repository: The base repository.
  • success: The success message shown after boiling.