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Node.js beanstalkd RPC

A slim and simple beanstalkd based RPC client for node, based on fivebeans.

Produce jobs

client.put(tube, payload, successCallback function(err, jobid) {}, replyCallback function(payload) {}, priority, delay, ttr)

  • successCallback fires when the payload has been sent.
  • replyCallback fires when a reply payload is received.
var bRPC = require('node-beanstalkd-rpc'),
    client = new bRPC('localhost', 11300);
    'Go work!',
    function(err) {
        console.log('job sent');
    function(err, finished, payload) {
        console.log('Got reply ' + payload + ' and job is ' + (finished ? 'finished' : 'not finished'));

Consume jobs

client.reserve(tube, successCallback function(payload, reply) {})

  • successCallback fires when a payload has been reserved from the queue.
  • reply is a function used to report progress or mark the job as being finished. With an optional payload as argument.
var bRPC = require('node-beanstalkd-rpc'),
    client = new bRPC('localhost', 11300);
client.reserve('workQueue', function(err, payload, reply) {
    console.log('job received containing ' + payload);
    reply(false, '50% done!', function() {
        console.log('progress successfully sent');
    reply(true, 'Work done!', function() {
        console.log('done successfully sent');