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Node-awesomeCaptcha utilize node-canvas to generate captcha. It provide a flexible options to generate captcha as you like. If you are lazy to configure the options, just pass empty object, a proper captcha generated which match bootstrap input well. installation

Please make sure you have install node-canvas correctly. If not, please refer to here

npm install node-awesomeCaptcha


This example use default option, and generate a captcha which has the same height as bootstrap's input.

var captcha=require('node-awesomeCaptcha');
var options={};

the result looks like


The options divided into 3 parts:
1.define the size of captcha

2.defien the appearance and color of captcha

3.define the file realted options if you choose to save captcha a png file


Number. The font size of character. Default is 20px.
####size Number. The number of character. Default is 4. A valid range is 2 to 6.
####width Number. The width of captcha. Default is 80px.
####height Number. The height of captcha. Default is 32px.

Node-awesomeCaptcha will calulate the required width/height based on fontSize and size automatically. Thus the final width/height maybe changed. For example, if you setfontSize to 48px, size to 6, width/height to 24px/60px. Apparently, such definition of width/height can't contain the defined fontSize. Thus, node-awesomeCaptcha will calucate a new width/height and overwrite the defined one to contain all 6 character with font size 48px.
So the best way to get a proper width/height is to set fontSize/size first, if the generated width/height exceed your requirement, then decrease fontSize/size.


String. Italic or normal. default is 'normal'. ####fontWeight String. One value in ['100','200','300','400','500','600','700','800','900','normal','bold','bolder','lighter']. Default is 'normal', ####fontFamily String. One value in ['serif','sans-serif','monospace','cursive','fantasy']. Default is ''serfi', ####shadow Boolean. If the cpatcha character has shadow. Default is true, ####inclineFactor Number. A float num between 0 and 1, define the angle of inclination for character. Deafult is 0.25 ####fontRandom Boolean. If set false, fontType/fontWeight/fontFamily/shadow/inclineFactor are set to default value. If true, set these property randomly. Default is true.


Enum Number. Define the captcha mode. 0:return a DataURL.
1:return a file path of regular png file 2:return buffer Default is 0. ####expireDuration Number. Defind the expirration of captcha, the unit is minute.Default is 1. ####saveDir String. Only work whe resultMode set to 1. Define path to save png file. Default is __dirname, means the same directory of Node-awesomCaptch.