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Node.js implementation of ANT+ protocol. See for more info regarding ANT+.

This is a node module for connecting to ANT+ capable devices through a USB ANT stick.

This project was formed out of a need to communicate with ANT+ devices in real time while relaying data over web sockets. Node.js allowed a reduction of required technologies to accomplish this goal. Since initiating this project, other combinations of Node.js and ANT+ have presented themselves. For that reason I decided to open this project up.


Install libusb either from a package manager or download an installer.

brew install libusb


npm install node-ant


Currently there is very little documentation. Documentation will be created as the project is expanded upon.


For a current example of how to use this module, see the example.js file.


Released under the MIT/X11 license. See LICENSE for details.


Some snippets and inspiration were derived from the #python-ant library developed by @mvillalba. #python-ant served as a starting point as it serves a similar purpose.