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Like the Ruby VCR gem, record your test-suite's HTTP interactions and replay them during future runs for speedy, deterministic, and accurate tests. Built atop nock's testing and recording capability.


npm install nock-vcr


In your tests, require nock-vcr. Then use insertCassette to mark the start of where recording - and later playback - should begin and ejectCassette where it should end. Recorded "cassettes" - nock code to mock the transactions - will be saved under test/cassettes!

For example:

nvcr = require 'nock-vcr'
fs = require 'fs'
http = require 'http'
requestComplete = false
describe 'using nock-vcr'->
  context 'insert a cassette, and eject it when it is done'->
    beforeEach (done)->
      nvcr.insertCassette 'Your cassette name here'
      options = method: 'GET'host: ''port: 80path: '/'
        res.on 'end'=>
          requestComplete = true
    it 'creates a cassette'->

You can force nock-vcr to record all the time by passing and setting a record option of insertCassette to the string 'ALL', or by setting the environment variable NOCK_VCR_MODE to the same value.


Currently this runs on top of a modified version of nock that corrects a bug in the code generated during recording as well as a way to re-activate mocking after a restore.

Upcoming Features

  • More options that can affect the recording behavior.

  • Hooks into popular testing frameworks.