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nnrm = new nrm

New npm registry manager.

Use smaller dependencies than nrm.

nnrm nrm
install size install size



# install
npm install -g nnrm
yarn global add nnrm
pnpm add -g nnrm


These commands are used to toggle the corresponding registry.

  • nnrm & nrm: npm
  • nyrm & yrm: yarn(v1-v3)
  • prm: pnpm
nnrm ls
# nrm ls
# yrm ls
# prm ls

nnrm use taobao
# nrm use taobao
# yrm use taobao
# prm use taobao

# set `.npmrc` for local
nrm use taobao -l

nnrm test
# nrm test
# yrm test
# prm test
  • nnrm -h: show help message
  $ nrm <command> [options]

  ls                           List all the registries
  use [registry]               Change registry
  test                         Show response time for all registries
  add <registry> <url> [home]  Add a custom registry
  remove <registry>            Remove a custom registry

  -h, --help     Display this message
  -v, --version  Display version number
  $ nrm use [registry]

  -l, --local    set '.npmrc' for local

Add/Remove custom registry

nnrm add example https://xxx.com
nnrm remove example

It will be recorded in your ~/.nnrm/registries.json.

Default Registires


  • Support npm/yarn(v1-v3)/pnpm (the registry of yarn and npm/pnpm is independent of each other)
    • yarn(v3) config use npmRegistryServer instead of registry
  • Smaller Dependencies
    • Use node-fetch instead of request for speed test
    • Use execa instead of npm
    • Use cac instead of commander
  • Asynchronously display source speed test results
  • Colorful console info
  • Automatically display the registry list after each modification, and mark the current registry


Why new nrm?

nrm relies on the deprecated request with a larger package body, the npm package, and some other npm dependencies.

So installing nrm is also a very slow thing.

Why cac?

minimist vs commander vs cac | npm trends

minimist is only 1.3 KB, but it is just a parameter parsing tool.

We need a tool that can automatically generate help information.

commander and cac can do it.

cac(3.6KB) is smaller than commander(6.8KB). And i love C.C.

Why node-fetch?

node-fetch vs axios vs request

node-fetch is only 289B!

axios(4.6KB) is good, but node-fetch is smaller.

request(184.8KB) has been deprecated and it is so big.

Why execa?

execa vs shelljs

execa is only 8.4KB.

Install package npm to use npm.config.set('registry', 'xxx') is expensive.

We just need use local command: npm config set registry xxx.

Error when use Windows?

If you are a Windows user, you may want to make sure that you use a generic command line like bash instead of CMD.

nrm conflicts with other commands

nrm(command) is a command of nrm(package). You should uninstall nrm(package) to use nrm(command) with nnrm(package). Or you can use nnrm(command).

nrm(command) may conflict with nrm or ni. You can uninstall them or just use command nnrm without uninstalling them.



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