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Scrapes Namecoin into CouchDB, fairly hackish at the moment.

Setup Instructions

nmc.js first checks for a passed config object, then it checks for a local nmc.js/settings.json file and it finally falls back to searching for the config file at ~/.namecoin/namecoin.conf. This should "just work" on most Unix systems. *

It dump.js assumes that you have a local CouchDB install which is world writable and it pushes everything into a DB called 'bit'. This is currently hardcoded into dump.js.

To a manually specify settings:

  1. cp settings-example.json settings.json
  2. Fill in config information in settings.json


echo '{
   "host": "localhost",
   "port": 8334,
   "user": "YOUR USERNAME",
   "pass": "YOUR PASSWORD"
' > settings.json
  • It technically looks for the /.namecoin/namecoin.conf file in whatever directory is listed in the process.env.HOME variable.