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This driver let's you control your sonos system right from your Ninjablock dashboard.


Manual installation:

  • ssh to your client
  • cd to client/drivers, native ninjablock: cd /opt/ninja/drivers
  • git clone git://
  • cd ninja-sonos && npm install


  • Added Sonos players trough the driver settings
  • One relay switch for pause / resume music
  • One relay that can be switched on for a barking dog. (Can I create a button actuator, for use in the rules engine? And this one should not create the queue, but works for now.)
  • Some kind of TTS for anouncements at the door
  • Enable custom TTS right from the dashboard / rules (any help on how to get the text to the device?? Thanks @elliots)
  • Continue playing the music after barking dog (getting the queue doesn't work yet)
  • Continue playing after TTS