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A library for building single-page websites. It contains a lot of tools to help you build applications.


npm npm install ninejs

Clone from source control

git clone

Getting Started

Inside NineJS you can find the following: (Visit each folder to get more in-context documentation)

  • client: Modules only available in client-side
  • core: Modules to help you build core stuff, such as creating classes in an OOP way, adding to such classes a obj.get('propName') and obj.set('propName', value) behavior, building a boolean expression, etc.
  • css: Module to help you inject CSS in your application. It is best used with dojo toolkit's builder.
  • lib: CLI module for Node.js
  • modules: Tools to help you create NineJS modules and some pre-made modules too.
  • nineplate: turns XML templates (HTML too) into javascript functions that render either DOM nodes or text based on a context parameter. Can be optimized in a Dojo Build.
  • server: modules and classes used to work on server-side (Node.js)
  • ui: Modules and Widgets to help you build your app.

Client side

You can run it on Dojo toolkit without needing anything else but dojo. You can also run it on requirejs but you would need the following:

  • kriskowal/q under the AMD prefix q
  • ded/reqwest under the AMD prefix reqwest

If you run this on node.js those dependencies come already bundled in.


NineJS is licensed under the MIT license.