A library for building single-page websites. It relies heavily in Dojo Toolkit for the client side. It contains a lot of tools to help you build applications.

npm npm install ninejs

Clone from source control

git clone

Inside NineJS you can find the following: (Visit each folder to get a more in-context documentation)

  • core: Modules to help you build core stuff, such as creating classes in an OOP way, adding to such classes a obj.get('propName') and obj.set('propName', value) behavior, building a boolean expression, etc.
  • css: Module to help you inject CSS in your application. It is best used with dojo toolkit's builder.
  • lib: CLI module for Node.js
  • modules: Tools to help you create NineJS modules and some pre-made modules too.
  • nineplate: turns XML templates (HTML too) into javascript functions that render either DOM nodes or text based on a parameter context. Can be optimized in a Dojo Build.
  • server: modules and classes used to work on server-side (Node.js)
  • ui: Modules and Widgets to help you build your app.

NineJS is licensed under the MIT license.