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    Send News to your Kindle

    Nindle allows you to simplify (and even automate) the sending all of your news feeds to your kindle! This is done through a free program called Calibre. Nindle uses the calibre recipes and binaries to convert your news feeds to a .modi file, and optionally sends the file to your kindle through the calibre smpt service.

    Starting Out

    To get started, simply install the nindle library through: npm install -g nindle

    Once installed, run the interactive setup to configure your nindle settings: nindle init. Nindle will ask you a series of configuration questions, including:

    1. The calibre profile for conversion. By default this is kindle
    2. The output directory for where your .mobi file will be saved
    3. The path to where your calibre recipes should be save. We will use this path to download new recipes as well as when you run a recipe
    4. The kindle email address you can recieve book emails to

    The remaining questions revolve around the SMPT settings for mail delivery. GMX is the best option for this. See Calibre GMX for setup instructions.

    Adding Recipes

    There are currently two ways to add recipes to nindle. You can manually add any recipe file to your recipes file (set during nindle init), or through nindle add recipe. For this command, you must specify an existing recipe found on the calibre repo here.

    Generating News through Nindle

    To generate your news .mobi file, you will need to have setup some recipes. Once that is complete, you can easily generate your news file by running nindle run <recipe name>. The recipe name will pull the appropriate recipe file from the folder specified during nindle init. If you have configured the SMPT settings, at this time nindle will email you the news .mobi file.

    Bonus: Automation

    Currently there are future plans to implement a cron tab generator but for now if you require automation, you can manually schedule the nindle command per recipe in your cron tab by editing crontab -e!


    npm i nindle

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