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UI automated testing framework powered by Node.js. It uses the Selenium WebDriver API.

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Selenium WebDriver standalone server

Nightwatch works with the Selenium standalone server so the first thing you need to do is download the selenium server jar file selenium-server-standalone-2.x.x.jar from the Selenium releases page:

Install Nightwatch

Install Node.js and then:

$ git clone
cd nightwatch
$ npm install

Run tests

The tests for Nightwatch are written using Mocha exports interface so they can also be run with Nightwatch itself.

To run the unit tests using mocha, do:

$ npm test

To run the unit tests using Nightwatch, do:

$ npm run unit-tests

To check test coverage, run the command:

$ npm run mocha-coverage

and then open the generate file coverage.html in your browser.


The Mailing List/Google Group is the most appropriate tool for Nightwatch related discussions. In addition, there is a StackOverflow Nightwatch.js tag at your disposal and Twitter.

Setup Guides

Specific WebDriver setup guides can be found on the Docs website. Legacy Selenium drivers setup guides along with debugging instructions can be found on the Wiki.