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Monitor your Mongo capped collections


Monitor your Mongo capped collections. If you're using a circular queue, you can make sure data is not overwritten.

npm install nightcap
var Nightcap = require('nightcap');
var nc = new Nightcap(mongouri, {
  query: { isProcessed: false },
  targetPercentage: 50,
  collection: 'messagequeue'
nc.on('breach', function(percentage) {
  console.log('%s%% of your documents are waiting to be processed!', percentage);

The above will log to the console if number of unprocessed documents exceeds 50% of the collection size.

This defines the set of documents we want to keep an eye on

If the set of documents defined by query is over targetPercentage of the collection, the breach event will be emitted.

This the collection we want to monitor.

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