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    WARNING: This project has been renamed to @nifty-uploader/core. Install using @nifty-uploader/core instead.

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    Nifty Uploader

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    An easy file uploader for the browser written in TypeScript.


    • upload in chunks
    • concurrent uploads
    • add files to uploader
    • cancel uploads
    • retry uploads
    • get progress of file/chunk or total progress
    • validate filesize and filetype
    • limit the total file size of all files
    • add custom validation
    • add custom headers to request
    • add custom request parameters
    • event system




    option type default description
    chunking boolean true Enable or disable chunking. Uploads file in smaller pieces.
    chunksize number 2 * 1024 * 1024 The size of each chunk.
    endpoint string / The server endpoint of the uploader. Sends request to this address.
    numberOfConcurrentUploads number 3 Number of concurrent uploads.
    generateUniqueIdentifier (file: NiftyFile) => string \| Promise<string> undefined The function to generate the unique identifier, which returns a string with the identifier. It can also return a Promise.
    customRequestParameters { [key: string]: string \| number } {} POST request parameter, which will be send with every request.
    customHeaders { [key: string]: string \| number } {} Request headers, which will be send with every request.
    autoUpload boolean true Determines if the queue of files should be uploaded automatically.
    autoQueue boolean true Determines if a successfully processed file should be added automatically to the queue.
    autoProcess boolean true Determines if an added file should be processed automatically.
    maxRetries number 3 The number of retries before the file will be rejected.
    retryDelay number 100 The delay between the attempts to retry an upload.
    permanentError number[] [400, 404, 409, 415, 500, 501] An array of HTTP status codes, which rejects the file without retrying.
    minFileSize number 1 The minimum size of a file.
    maxFileSize number undefined The maximum size of a file.
    totalFileSizeLimit number undefined The maximum size of all file sizes in the uploader combined.
    allowedFileTypes string[] [] The allowed file types. You can use .ext, ext, mime/type or mime/*. An empty array (default) allows all file types.
    customValidation (file: NiftyFile) => Promise<any> undefined A custom function, which will be called in the processing step. The function takes the NiftyFile as an argument and must return a Promise. The reject() of the Promise can take a string, which is used as an error message.
    Example initialization with options
    var uploader = new NiftyUploader({
        endpoint: '/backend.php',
        numberOfConcurrentUploads: 2


    npm i nifty-uploader

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