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nicely integrating complex education software together


Nicest is a setup tool for software educators. For the alpha version of the project, the focus is on agile software development tools. The system is currently able to setup Github source control, Taiga taskboard, and CIAssess continuous project assessment. In the future Nicest will add support for more tools, and integrations between tools.


  1. Install Node JS version 6
  2. Install Mongo Db version 3
  3. Install Node Gyp
  4. Run npm install -g nicest


  1. Create a Github account (an existing account can also be used)

  2. Register nicest as an application

    • 'Application Name', 'Homepage URL', and 'Application Description' can be anything
    • 'Authorization callback URL' must be the Host name or IP address of your computer/server
    • E.G. 'Authorization callback URL' could be '', 'localhost:3000/login' or ''
    • After creating the application be sure to copy down the client id and secret token
  3. Run nicest init to configure nicest

  4. Run nicest user to create an admin


  1. Run nicest start


  1. Run nicest stop

Additional Guides


Tasks can be run from a Terminal or Command Line using nicest <task>

  • dev developer server start
  • init creates a configuration file
  • start production server start
  • stop production server stop
  • user creates a new user