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    Traktor F1, Traktor D2, Maschine MK3, and Maschine Mk2 Mikro controller access

    This is a forked version of with the following changes:

    • Minor bit-rot fixes and cleanup of things that appeared to be in-progress refactoring.
    • Maschine MK3 support (good quality)
    • Traktor D2 support (alpha quality)
    • Some minimal attempts at making things slightly more generic, but in general I've just continued in the direction of the original version of the library. It worked and my taskolio consumer has somewhat of an abstraction boundary so it doesn't need things to be 100% beautiful.
    • WebUSB and WebHID support. As of may 2020 it's only supported in Blink based browser (Chrome etc.) with enable-experimental-web-platform-features turned on.

    Note that the MIT-licensed has also provided invaluable information about the Mk3 device and its lower level protocols on one of its branches.

    The D2 setup was primarily determined by leveraging the F1 and Mk3 "protocol" knowledge and brute force experimentation.

    General Device Capabilities

    Traktor F1

    • RGB pads (4x4)
    • Monochromatic LEDs with a range of 0-127

    Traktor D2

    • RGB pads (4x2)
    • 1 LCD Display
    • Ridiculously honking big.

    Mashine Mk2 Mikro

    • Indexed color pads (4x4).
    • Monochromatic LEDs with a range of 0-63
    • OLED Display

    Mashine Mk3

    • Indexed color pads (4x4) and group buttons (4x2). Massively more limited color options.
    • Monochromatic LEDs with a range of 0-63
    • 2 LCD Displays


    You can find examples for both node and web runtimes in the examples folder. Plug your Maschine MK3 and then run (on MacOS, you may need to kill the NIHostIntegrationAgent process. It seems to claim the USB interface and prevent the browser from accessing it)

    npm run example:maschinemk3:node

    or for the web run the following and then navigate to http://localhost:1234

    npm run example:maschinemk3:web




    npm i ni-controllers-lib

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