Houston :: A simple static server based on node.js

Houston :: A static files server based on node.js

A Static file server, simple as you hear.

The main purpose of Houston is to provide a static, 0 dependencies (just mime), server.

Asuming that you have installed node.js and npm

> npm install -g houston


> git clone https://github.com/alejandromg/Houston.git
> cd Houston
> ln -s bin/houston ~/bin


# To start the server in the current dir 
> houston 

This will open a new window in your browser, or go to http://localhost:8000/

To start the server in a different port:

> sudo houston --port 80
> houston -p 8010
> houston -p=8010

All of them are valid, also you can define a different path:

> houston --path=/home/ --port=8010

Also you can avoid the new browser window with:

> houston -b false

houston -h houston --help

Houston :: A cool static files server

Available options:
   --port, -p    Listening port to Houston, default to 8000 
   --path, -d    Dir of starting point to Houston, default to actual dir
   --browser,-b  open browser window, (true,false) default to true
   --help, -h    show this info
   --version,-v  Show the current version of Houston

:: end of help ::

MIT 2012