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Notre Histoire Styleguide

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Notre Histoire styleguide provided as a npm package. The project is based on Frontend Toolbox

Install and run the project

You'll need npm and GulpJS installed on global.

First, you need to install the dependencies :

$ npm install

Then, to enter dev-mode, just use the serve task of Gulp :

$ gulp serve

To republish the styleguide, you can use the deploy task:

$ gulp deploy


On the production server, we need the minified version of the assets without sourcemaps or anything. To build the production files, run:

$ gulp build --production
# or if you want to work with production files:
$ gulp serve --production


Our workflow is based on the Git Flow principles. Basically, anytime you want to add a new feature, you have to create a feature/my-awesome-feature branch and when you estimate that it's over, you have to create a pull request to dev.

⚠️ A pull request should never be merged by yourself. The code will be reviewed by one or more other developers on the project !

When all the features we want are merged on dev, the whole team will decide to publish a new release on master (always with $ git flow).

💡 Don't forget that nothing is directly commited on dev!

Styleguide operation

Based on our Toolbox.

⚠️ It's highly recommended to read the Toolbox doc before contributing to this project

The hierarchy is defined by Brad Frost's atomic design principles. To summarize, we use atoms to compose molecules, molecules to compose organisms and organisms to compose templates.