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    ngzip - portable streaming stdio gzip command line utility

    ngzip is a portable streaming stdio gzip command line utility that uses Node.js zlib. It should run anywhere Node.js runs including windows, *nix, mac

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    Requires node.js/iojs >= 0.10

    npm install ngzip # local version 
    npm install -g ngzip # global version 


    Options are similar to bash command gzip. If using local version ensure that you either use node_modules/.bin/ngzip or add to your path.

    ngzip foo > foo.gz # compress foo to foo.gz 
    ngzip -d foo.gz > foo # decompress foo.gz to foo 
    catw foo | ngzip > foo.gz # compress stdin to stdout 
    catw foo.gz | ngzip -d > foo # decompress stdin to stdout 

    Any program which sends data to stdout can be used for input to ngzip. On Windows you can use type instead of cat. You can also use the catw as a portable option of cat.

    Unlike bash's gzip, ngzip was written for simplicity. gzip supports a wide variety of options including reading/writing to files, removing old files, varying compression factors.

    ngzip implements just a few use cases:

    • read from stdin and write to stdout
    • read from file and write to stdout
    Usage: ngzip {OPTIONS} [file] > target.gz
         The ngzip program compresses and decompresses a file using Lempel-Ziv
         coding (LZ77). ngzip will compress or decompress from standard input
         to standard output. If a file parameter is provided ngzip will read
         from the file and write to stdout. The default compression level is
         slightly biased toward higher compression at expense of speed.
    Standard Options:
     -d, --decompress, --uncompress
      This option selects decompression rather than compression.
     -1, --fast
      Use the fastest compression method (less compression). Only relevant when in compression mode.
     -9, --best
      Use the maximum compression method at the expense of speed. Only relevant when in compression mode.
     -h, --help
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    • gzip-like command line utility that runs everywhere Node.js runs including Windows
    • streaming
    • stdin/stdout
    • file read for portability (avoids use of cat/type)
    • simplicity


    I need a portable gzip command line utility that I can use from all Node.js environments for streaming compression and decompression

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