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Fast and reliable Tethys Design components for Angular by Worktile & PingCode FE Team.

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✨ Features

  • 📦 Out of the box
  • 🚀 Powerful and 60+ rich components
  • 🔰 Perfect support for TypeScript, Provide complete type definition
  • 🎨 Extract enterprise level interactive language and design style
  • 💫 Synchronize with Angular version
  • ❤️ High-Quality, Each component has complete testing coverage and documentation, and high quality is equivalent to using it with confidence

📖 Documentation


Only for library contributors.

Clone and installation

$ git clone
$ cd ngx-tethys
$ npm install
$ npm run start

Release & Publish

  1. Run npm run release to release new version, this command will does the following:

    • Checkout to master and identifies current version and latest tag.
    • Prompts for a new version to select.
    • Create a release branch as release-v1.0.0
    • Modifies package metadata (package.json, version.ts) to reflect new release and generate changelog
    • Commits those changes to release branch.
    • Pushes to the git remote.

    You can run npm run release -- [patch|minor|major|2.0.0] to skip the version selection prompt and increment the version by that keyword or specify version.

  2. Submit pull request from release branch to master(don't merge it)

  3. GitHub Actions will auto build and publish lib

Release the next version requires executing npm run release-next

Manually release version requires executing npm run release-manual

npm run release -- --dry-run or npm run pub -- --dry-run

running with the flag --dry-run allows you to see what commands would be run, without committing to git or updating files. (意思就是打印一下日志让你看看做了哪些步骤,但是并不会真的执行脚本,你可以放心的执行)


  1. Don't use barrel index (should directly import specify component in module, don't import index.ts)
  2. Should exports component module in public-api.ts




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