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    Angular Tailwind CSS Schematics

    A simple standalone angular schematics to add tailwindcss to your angular cli project.


    • Angular CLI workspace

      ng add ngx-tailwindcss-schematic
    • Nx workspace

      nx add ngx-tailwindcss-schematic
      • In Nx, you can also use ng add

    Schematic additional options

    You can pass additional options while installing this schematic.

    • For e.g., Installing a specific version of tailwindcss

      ng add ngx-tailwindcss-schematic --tw 1.8.7
    Options Alias Default Type Required Description
    project --p defaultProject in the workspace string No The name of the project where we want to add files.
    tailwindcssVersion --tw latest string No Specific Tailwind CSS version to be installed.

    Different CSS types(preprocessors) support:

    • On installing, you will prompted to select one of the following CSS types. Select (use Enter key) one depending on your project's default selection.

      ? Which stylesheet type would you like to use? (Use arrow keys)
      ❯ CSS
        SCSS   []
        Sass   []
        Less   []

    Tailwind CSS dependencies used

    postcss-scss (only needed if selected style type is scss)

    By default, latest versions are installed for all the required dependencies. You will notice the word latest in your package.json file.

    As mentioned before you can provide the custom version for tailwindcss using the additional --tw flag.

    Expected Output

      ng add ngx-tailwindcss-schematic --tw 1.8.7
    ? Which stylesheet type would you like to use? SCSS   []
        ➡️ Added tailwindcss@1.8.7 to devDependencies
        ➡️ Added postcss-import@latest to devDependencies
        ➡️ Added postcss-loader@latest to devDependencies
        ➡️ Added @angular-builders/custom-webpack@latest to devDependencies
        ➡️ Added postcss-scss@latest to devDependencies
    CREATE tailwind.config.js (228 bytes)
    CREATE webpack.config.js (673 bytes)
    UPDATE package.json (1425 bytes)
    UPDATE src/styles.scss (176 bytes)
    UPDATE angular.json (3790 bytes)
    ✔ Packages installed successfully.

    Building and Running schematic locally

    To test locally, install @angular-devkit/schematics-cli globally and use the schematics command line tool. That tool acts the same as the generate command of the Angular CLI, but also has a debug mode.

    npm i -g @angular-devkit/schematics-cli

    Building schematic

    npm run build
    // OR run in watch mode
    npm run build:watch

    Running/Testing Schematic

    There are couple of ways to test the schematic in an Angular Cli workspace.

    1. Navigate to an angular workspace or create one.
    2. Run schematics <path_to_collection.json>:ng-add command. By default this runs in dry run mode (debug=true).
    // Example from `sample-app` application.
    // dry-run mode
    schematics ../src/collection.json:ng-add
    // normal mode
    schematics ../src/collection.json:ng-add --debug false

    You can also test using the ng add or nx add (in Nx workspace) command while developing this locally. This is good test before actually publishing your schematic to npm.

    1. Build the schematic: npm run build
    2. Run npm pack. This will produce a ngx-tailwindcss-schematic-1.0.0-tgz file of your schematic. Copy this file to any Angular workspace where you want to test the schematic.
    3. Run npm i --no-save ngx-tailwindcss-schematic-1.0.0-tgz
    4. Run ng add ngx-tailwindcss-schematic

    Unit Testing (Todo)

    npm run test will run the unit tests, using Jasmine as a runner and test framework.


    Detailed blog on my learning coming soon!


    This schematic project has been a learning process for me to learn and dive into Angular Schematics and also to publish my first schematic to npm. This would not have been possible without some very useful resources/blogs etc. Here are couple that I refered a lot:

    1. Tomas Trajan Medium Blog - Helped to understand concepts, examples, etc.
    2. ngneat tailwind schematic - Helped with few code examples and ideas to structure this schematic.


    npm i ngx-tailwindcss-schematic

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