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A lighbox2 implementation port to use with new Angular without the need for jQuery

This module works with angular >= 5 demo. For angular 2x or 4x, please use angular2-lightbox


npm install --save ngx-lightbox

Update your angular.json

  "styles": [



Import LightboxModule from ngx-lightbox

import { LightboxModule } from 'ngx-lightbox';
  imports: [ LightboxModule ]


  1. Markup
<div *ngFor="let image of _albums; let i=index">
  <img [src]="image.thumb" (click)="open(i)"/>
  1. Component method
import { Lightbox } from 'ngx-lightbox';
export class AppComponent {
  private _album: Array = [];
  constructor(private _lightbox: Lightbox) {
    for (let i = 1; i <= 4; i++) {
      const src = 'demo/img/image' + i + '.jpg';
      const caption = 'Image ' + i + ' caption here';
      const thumb = 'demo/img/image' + i + '-thumb.jpg';
      const album = {
         src: src,
         caption: caption,
         thumb: thumb
  open(index: number): void {
    // open lightbox, index);

Each object of album array inside your component may contains 3 properties :

Properties Requirement Description
src Required The source image to your thumbnail that you want to with use lightbox when user click on thumbnail image
caption Optional Your caption corresponding with your image
thumb Optional Source of your thumbnail. It is being used inside your component markup so this properties depends on your naming.
  1. Listen to lightbox event

You can listen to 3 events, which are either CHANGE_PAGE, CLOSE or OPEN.

import { LightboxEvent, LIGHTBOX_EVENT } from 'ngx-lightbox';
import { Subscription } from 'rxjs';
export class AppComponent {
  private _subscription: Subscription;
  constructor(private _lightboxEvent: LightboxEvent) {}
  open(index: number): void {
    // register your subscription and callback whe open lightbox is fired
    this._subscription = this._lightboxEvent.lightboxEvent$
      .subscribe(event => this._onReceivedEvent(event));
  private _onReceivedEvent(event: any): void {
    // remember to unsubscribe the event when lightbox is closed
    if ( === LIGHTBOX_EVENT.CLOSE) {
      // event CLOSED is fired
    if ( === LIGHTBOX_EVENT.OPEN) {
      // event OPEN is fired
      // event change page is fired
      console.log(; // -> image index that lightbox is switched to

Lightbox options

Available options based on lightbox2 options

Properties Default Description
fadeDuration 0.7 seconds duration starting when the src image is loaded to fully appear onto screen.
resizeDuration 0.5 seconds duration starting when Lightbox container change its dimension from a default/previous image to the current image when the current image is loaded.
fitImageInViewPort true Determine whether lightbox will use the natural image width/height or change the image width/height to fit the view of current window. Change this option to true to prevent problem when image too big compare to browser windows.
positionFromTop 20 px The position of lightbox from the top of window browser
showImageNumberLabel false Determine whether to show the image number to user. The default text shown is Image IMAGE_NUMBER of ALBUM_LENGTH
alwaysShowNavOnTouchDevices false Determine whether to show left/right arrow to user on Touch devices.
wrapAround false Determine whether to move to the start of the album when user reaches the end of album and vice versa. Set it to true to enable this feature.
disableKeyboardNav false Determine whether to disable navigation using keyboard event.
disableScrolling false If true, prevent the page from scrolling while Lightbox is open. This works by settings overflow hidden on the body.
centerVertically false If true, images will be centered vertically to the screen.

NOTE: You can either override default config or during a specific opening window

  1. Override default config
import { LightboxConfig } from 'ngx-lightbox';
export class AppComponent {
  constructor(private _lighboxConfig: LightboxConfig) {
    // override default config
    _lighboxConfig.fadeDuration = 1;
  1. Set config in a specific opening window
import { LightboxConfig, Lightbox } from 'ngx-lightbox';
export class AppComponent {
  constructor(private _lighboxConfig: LightboxConfig, private _lightbox: Lightbox) {}
  open(index: number) {
    // override the default config on second parameter, index, { wrapAround: true, showImageNumberLabel: true });




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