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    Project status

    This version is only tested with Angular13. Moving forward this library may or may not work on older versions of Angular anymore.

    Still in early development, more features are planned and incoming. Should be in a working state right now but it's not tested in lots of different setups yet.

    Breaking changes in version 0.5.0, see changelog for details.

    Demonstration of available features available here.


    NgxImageZoom is inspired by angular2-image-zoom and JQuery libraries such as jQuery Zoom and elevateZoom-plus but a pure Angular2+ implementation of similar concepts. This plugin works with both URLs to images and in-line images (Data URI).

    Available options

    All settings except thumbImage are optional. If no fullImage is provided the thumbImage will be used as the high resolution version as well.

    Option Default value Description
    thumbImage none (Required) The smaller version of the image that will be shown when there's no interaction by the user.
    fullImage none The full resolution version of the image to be used when zooming. If not supplied thumbImage will be used.
    magnification 1 The zoom factor to be used by default. 1 means we use the fullImage at its actual resolution.
    zoomMode 'hover' The mode of zooming to use, these are explained in a table below.
    enableScrollZoom false Boolean that toggles if the mouse wheel should be captured when hovering over the image to adjust magnification.
    scrollStepSize 0.1 When using scroll zoom this setting determines how big steps each scroll changes the zoom.
    enableLens false If enabled only a small portion around the mouse cursor will actually magnify instead of the entire image area.
    lensWidth 100 Width of the lens, if enabled.
    lensHeight 100 Height of the lens, if enabled.
    circularLens false Make the lens circular instead of square. This will only look good if width and height are equal.
    minZoomRatio baseRatio Lower limit on how much zoom can be applied with scrollZoom enabled. See below for details.
    maxZoomRatio 2 Upper limit on how much zoom can be applied with scrollZoom enabled. See below for details.
    altText '' alt attribute of the thumb and full image.
    titleText '' title attribute of the thumb and full image.

    Zoom modes

    Mode Description
    hover Whenever the mouse cursor moves over the thumbnail it will show the zoomed image until it leaves the thumbnail.
    click Similar to hover but it only starts zooming if the user clicks the image. Moving the cursor away from the image disables it again.
    toggle A click in the image will zoom at the point of the cursor. Another click will restore the small image.
    toggle-click Combination of toggle and click. A click in the image will start zooming. Another click or moving the cursor away from the image will restore the small image.
    hover-freeze First click enables hover mode, second click freezes the zoomed image where it is, third click restores thumbnail.

    Zoom ratio

    The zoom ratio used in the minZoomRatio and maxZoomRatio settings refer to the relative size of the thumbnail and the full size image. The baseRatio default value is the calculated ratio that would make the zoomed image equal in size to the thumbnail. For example, if the full size image is 10x larger than the thumbnail, then minZoomRatio will default to 0.1, as in the full size image can at its smallest be shown at 0.1 times its original size. The default value for maxZoomRatio being 1 means the largest the fullSize image can appear is twice its original size.

    Available output

    The component outputs the follow events that can be triggered on.

    Event name Description
    zoomScroll Whenever the user changes the zoom level using the scroll wheel this event will fire with the current zoom ratio (see above).
    zoomPosition When the point on where the zoom is focused changes this event emits a Coord event (interface exported from the module) with X/Y in pixels relative thumbnails top left corner. Practically whenever the user moves the mouse cursor over the image.
    imagesLoaded When the thumbnail and fullImage are loaded and ready to be used this output emits "true". It will emit "false" if images are changed and on initial setup


    To install this library, run:

    $ npm install ngx-image-zoom --save

    Using this library

    From your Angular AppModule:

    import { BrowserModule } from '@angular/platform-browser';
    import { NgModule } from '@angular/core';
    import { AppComponent } from './app.component';
    // Import the library
    import { NgxImageZoomModule } from 'ngx-image-zoom';
      declarations: [
      imports: [
        NgxImageZoomModule // <-- Add this line
      providers: [],
      bootstrap: [AppComponent]
    export class AppModule { }

    Once the library is imported, you can use its component in your Angular application:

    <!-- You can now use NgxImageZoom component in app.component.html -->


    MIT © Mathias Wittlock


    npm i ngx-image-zoom

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