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    Ngx Document Scanner

    An Angular component for cropping and enhancing images of documents, for implementation on a mobile or desktop app.
    It uses a WASM build of OpenCV to manipulate images, to achieve near-native performance. Note that there are a few extra steps required to configure the component other than installing the package from npm.

    Live Demo

    View a live demo here

    Installation & Setup

    install the package via npm

    npm install ngx-document-scanner --save

    the UI is based on @angular/material, if you don't have it installed:

    ng add @angular/material 

    choose 'yes' when prompted if you wish to add angular animations as it is needed for some of the components.

    Configure OpenCV

    copy the opencv.js files to your assets folder (or any other folder). you can build the files yourself (instructions on the OpenCV site), or download them from this package's repository. both opencv.js & opencv_js.wasm need to placed in the same folder.

    import the package to your app.module. you'll need to configure the location of the open cv files.

    import {OpenCVConfig} from 'ngx-document-scanner';
    import {NgxDocumentScannerModule} from 'ngx-document-scanner';
    // set the location of the OpenCV files
    const openCVConfig: OpenCVConfig = {
      openCVDirPath: '/assets/opencv'  
    @NgModule({ imports: 
      bootstrap: [AppComponent]  
    export class AppModule { }


    add component to template and bind to inputs and outputs.


    set configuration options. for example:

    config: DocScannerConfig = {  
        editorBackgroundColor: '#fafafa', 
        buttonThemeColor: 'primary',  
        cropToolColor: '#ff4081',  
        cropToolShape: 'circle',
        exportImageIcon: 'cloud_download'  

    Component I\O


    input type description
    file File sets an image for editing
    config DocScannerConfig configuration object for the component. see section dedicated to te config object.


    output type description
    error EventEmitter<any> fires on error
    editResult EventEmitter<Blob> fires when the users submits the image
    exitEditor EventEmitter<any> fires when the user exits the editor
    processing EventEmitter<boolean> fires true when the editor is prcessing or loading\parsing the OpenCV module.

    Configuration Object

    optional configuration values that can be passed to the component.

    import {DocScannerConfig} form 'ngx-document-scanner'
    config: DocScannerConfig = {
    property type description
    buttonThemeColor "primary" | "warn" | "accent" material design theme color name for the buttons on the component
    cropToolColor string color of the crop tool (points and connecting lines)
    cropToolDimensions {width: number; height: nubmer;} width and height of the crop tool points
    cropToolLineWeight number weight of the crop tool's connecting lines
    cropToolShape 'rect' &#124; 'circle' shape of the crop tool points
    editorBackgroundColor string background color of the main editor div
    editorDimensions an object of css keys value pairs css properties for the main editor div
    exportImageIcon string icon for the button that completes the editing and emits the edited image.
    extraCss an object of css keys value pairs css that will be added to the main div of the editor component
    maxImageDimensions {width: number; height: nubmer;} max dimensions of oputput image. if set to zero will not resize the image.
    maxPreviewWidth number max width of the preview pane


    The angular service used to load the open cv library and monitor it's state is also available as a standalone package: NgxOpenCV


    This project is licensed under the MIT License.


    npm i ngx-document-scanner

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