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Device detector / Device info / Permissions info

ngx-device-info npm version ngx-device-info

  • Angular library which provides device information / type / name and also it provides much more device independent features & informations.

  • Get device information and more


Import the module on your app.module.ts file as follow.

import { NgxDeviceInfoModule} from "ngx-device-info";

Add to imports

imports: [

Using service

Import the servie to appropriate component / service file as follows.

import { NgxDeviceInfoService } from 'ngx-device-info';

constructor(public device: NgxDeviceInfoService) {}


Get the permission status for following api's - as boolean (true/false):

public deviceInfo: any;

constructor(public device: NgxDeviceInfoService) {
  this.device.getDeviceInfo().then((data) => {
    this.deviceInfo = data;


  • Permission list:

Methods usage
getDeviceName() returns device specific name
isDesktop() returns true if decice is desktop
isMobile() returns true if decice is mobile
isTablet() returns true if decice is tablet
getDeviceType() returns device type mobile - tablet - desktop
getDeviceInfo() returns object of info
deviceName returns device name
deviceType returns device type
userAgent returns userAgent
language returns device language
isOnline returns whether internet is on - off
cookieEnabled checks is cookieEnabled
vendor returns vendor info
clientHeight Inner height of the HTML document body, including padding but not the horizontal scrollbar height, border, or margin
height Device screen height (i.e. all physically visible stuff)
availHeight Device screen height minus the operating system taskbar (if present)
innerHeight The current document's viewport height, minus taskbars, etc.
outerHeight Height the current window visibly takes up on screen
clientWidth Full width of the HTML page as coded, minus the vertical scroll bar
width Device screen width (i.e. all physically visible stuff)
availWidth Device screen width, minus the operating system taskbar (if present)
innerWidth The browser viewport width (including vertical scroll bar, includes padding but not border or margin)
outerWidth The outer window width (including vertical scroll bar,
href returns location - href
protocol returns location - protocol
host returns location - host
hostname returns location - hostname
pathname returns location - pathname
search returns location - search
hash returns location - hash
origin returns location - origin
timeZoneOffSet returns date- timeZoneOffSet
utcString returns date- utcString
time returns date- time
date returns date- date
day returns date- day
month returns date- month
hour returns date- hour
year returns date- year
seconds returns date- seconds
milliseconds returns date- milliseconds
utcdate returns date- utcdate
utcday returns date- utcday
utcmonth returns date- utcmonth
utcyear returns date- utcyear

Code integration

To use this package as a service npm i ngx-device-info install this on the root angular project .

Note: Don't forget to run this commend npm i ngx-device-info on root folder or else it will throw error.

Then import the module as follow on imports array


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