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    This is an Angular Library for uploading files. It supports: File Upload and Preview (additionally preview images with lightbox), validation, image cropper , drag and drop with multi language support.

    Tested on Angular 6/7/8. Supports Server Side Rendering.


    Example Application or StackBlitzDemo


    npm install ngx-awesome-uploader-v2 --save
    Load the module for your app:
    import { FilePickerModule } from  'ngx-awesome-uploader-v2';
    imports:  [


    In order to make library maximum compatible with apis you need to create and provide custom adapter which implements upload and remove requests. That's because I have no idea how to get file id in upload response json :) . So this libray exposes a FilePickerAdapter abstract class which you can import on your new class file definition:

    import { FilePickerAdapter } from 'ngx-awesome-uploader-v2';

    After importing it to your custom adapter implementation (EG: CustomAdapter.ts), you must implement those 2 methods which are abstract in the FilePickerAdapter base class which are:

    public abstract uploadFile(fileItem: FilePreviewModel): Observable<number | string>;
    public abstract removeFile(fileItem: FilePreviewModel): Observable<any>;

    Note: Since uploadFile method will use http progress event, it has to return id of file (in string type only) in case of HttpEventType.Response type, or progress (in number type) in case of HttpEventType.UploadProgress. You will receive this id on removeFile method when you click remove.

    You can check DEMO adapter here

    Now you can use it in your template

    <ngx-file-picker [adapter]="adapter"> </ngx-file-picker>

    and in the Component:

    import { HttpClient } from "@angular/common/http";
    import { DemoFilePickerAdapter } from "./demo-file-picker.adapter";
    import { Component } from "@angular/core";
      selector: "demo-file-picker",
      templateUrl: "./demo-file-picker.component.html",
      styleUrls: ["./demo-file-picker.component.scss"]
    export class DemoFilePickerComponent {
      adapter = new DemoFilePickerAdapter(this.http);
      constructor(private http: HttpClient) {}

    Note: As you see you should provide http instance to adapter. Still in Doubt? Check Minimal Setup Demo


    /** Whether to enable cropper. Default: disabled */
    @Input() enableCropper =  false;
    /** Whether to show default drag and drop template. Default:true */
    @Input() showeDragDropZone =  true;
    /** Single or multiple. Default: multi */
    @Input() uploadType =  'multi';
    /** Max size of selected file in MB. Default: no limit */
    @Input() fileMaxSizenumber;
    /** Max count of file in multi-upload. Default: no limit */
    @Input() fileMaxCountnumber;
    /** Total Max size limit of all files in MB. Default: no limit */
    @Input() totalMaxSizenumber;
    /** Which file types to show on choose file dialog. Default: show all */
    @Input() acceptstring;
    /** File extensions filter. Default: any exteion */
    @Input() fileExtensionsString;
    /** Cropper options if cropper enabled. Default:
        dragMode: 'crop',
        aspectRatio: 1,
        autoCrop: true,
        movable: true,
        zoomable: true,
        scalable: true,
        autoCropArea: 0.8
    @Input() cropperOptionsObject;
    /** Custom Adapter for uploading/removing files. Required */
    @Input() adapterFilePickerAdapter;
    /** Custom template for dropzone. Optional */
    @Input() dropzoneTemplateTemplateRef<any>;
    /** Custom Preview Item template. Optional */
    @Input() itemTemplateTemplateRef<any>;
    /** Whether to show default files preview container. Default: true */
    @Input() showPreviewContainer =  true;
    /** Custom validator function. Optional */
    @Input() customValidator: (file: File) => Observable<boolean>;
      /** Custom captions input. Used for multi language support */
    @Input() captionsUploaderCaptions;
      /** Custom predefined files */
    @Input() imagesImagePreviewModel;

    Output events

    /** Emitted when file is uploaded via api successfully.
    Emitted for every file */
    @Output() uploadSuccess =  new  EventEmitter<FilePreviewModel>();
    /** Emitted when file is removed via api successfully.
        Emitted for every file */
    @Output() removeSuccess =  new  EventEmitter<FilePreviewModel>();
    /** Emitted on file validation fail */
    @Output() validationError =  new  EventEmitter<ValidationError>();
    /** Emitted when file is added and passed validations. Not uploaded yet */
    @Output() fileAdded =  new  EventEmitter<FilePreviewModel>();



    All validations are emitted through ValidationError event. To listen to validation errors (in case you provided validations), validationError event is emitted. validationError event implements interface ValidationError and which emits failed file and error type. Supported validations:

    Validation Type Description Default
    fileMaxSize: number Max size of selected file in MB. No limit
    fileExtensions: String Emitted when file does not satisfy provided extension Any extension
    uploadType: String Upload type. Values: 'single' and 'multi'. multi
    totalMaxSize: number Total Max size of files in MB. If cropper is enabled, the cropped image size is considered. No limit
    fileMaxCount: number Limit total files to upload by count No limit


    You can also provide your own custom validation along with built-in validations. You custom validation takes file: File and returns Observable<boolean>; So that means you can provide sync and async validations.

        myCustomValidator(file: File): Observable<boolean>  {
        	if ('panda')) {
    		    return  of(true);
    	    if (file.size  >  50) {
    			return  this.http.get('url').pipe(map((res) => res ===  'OK' ));
    	    return  of(false);

    and pass to Template:

    <ngx-file-picker [customValidator]="myCustomValidator"> </ngx-file-picker>

    Check Demo


    Library uses cropperjs to crop images but you need import it to use it. Example: in index html


    Note: To use cropper, you should set enableCropper to true. Look at API section above. You can also provide your custom cropper options.


    You can provide custom template to library.

    I) To provide custom template for drag and drop zone, use content projection. Example:

    <ngx-file-picker [adapter]="adapter">
      <div class="dropzoneTemplate">

    Note: The wrapper of your custom template must have a class dropzoneTemplate.

    Checkout Demo

    II) To use custom file preview template, pass your custom template as below:

    <ngx-file-picker #uploader [adapter]="adapter" [itemTemplate]="itemTemplate">
      <p *ngIf="uploadProgress < 100">{{uploadProgress}}%</p>
      <button (click)="uploader.removeFile(fileItem)">Remove</button>

    In custom template uploadProgress and fileItem (which implements FilePrevieModel interface) are exposed .

    Multi Language

    You can add multi language support for library by providing captions object (which implements UploaderCaptions interface).

    Check Demo


    You can also check out library router animations


    You can fork project from github. Pull requests are kindly accepted.

    1. Building library: ng build file-picker
    2. Running tests: ng test file-picker
    3. Run demo: ng serve


    npm i ngx-awesome-uploader-v2

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