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🌍 ngworld 🌍

This project aims to illustrate how powerful the Angular compiler is by generating a Minecraft-like world out of an Angular application.

The project uses ngast - a library which wraps the Angular compiler and provides user friendly API to it's metadata collector.

Warning: this project is a prototype/demonstration built on top of the Angular compiler. If you're looking for a tool for reverse engineering of Angular applications, you might be interested in ngrev.

How to use

npm i -g ngworld
mkdir world && ngworld -p [PATH_TO_TSCONFIG]
http-server .

🎄 ng-xmas 🎄

Over the weekend, before Christmas 2017, I built ng-xmas. That's variation of the original world which renders an Angular application as Christmas trees 🎄.

The world embeds the following rules:

  • Each garden is an NgModule.
  • Each tree inside of each garden is a component.
  • The crowns of all trees are generated from the components' templates.
    • The template is being flatten after which the ngworld compiler consumes up to 7 elements.
    • If there's at least one directive attached to any of the elements, the toys on this layer of the tree are shown with goldenrod color otherwise they are red.

ngworld uses particle system plugin which performs heavy computations which can dramatically reduce the framerate. In order to prevent this, it's snowing only over a particular region of the world.

How to Install

The Christmas edition of ngworld is behind the version 0.0.23-xmas:

npm i -g ngworld@0.0.23-xmas
mkdir xmas && xmas -p [PATH_TO_TSCONFIG]
http-server .


You can find the code for ng-xmas in the ng-xmas branch.