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An AngularJS module that binds $scope to the browser storage

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  • NPM:
$ npm install ngscopestorage
  • CDN:
<script src=""></script>
  • Download/Clone this repo and include ngscopestorage.min.js in your project
<script src="Path/To/ngscopestorage.min.js"></script>

What's ngScopeStorage?

ngScopeStorage produce a 3 way data-binding by extending $scope's bindings ability. In other words this module allow $scope to bind his properties to local/session storage.
View <-- $scope --> BrowserStorage (local/session storage)

Quick start

angular.module('app', ['ngScopeStorage'])
    .controller('ctrl', function($scope,$vms){
        $vms.config({scope:$scope, ctrlName:'exampleCtrl', prefix:'exampleApp'});
        $vms.variableToBind = 'Im in $scope and in BrowserStorage';

Now you can Use it:

  • In your View with {{ }}:
  • And read it from BrowserStorage with $vms.prefix:

Setting up

  • Install ngScopeStorage
  • Include it in your app angular.module('app', ['ngScopeStorage'])
  • Inject $vms provider to your controller controller('ctrl', ['$scope','$vms', function($scope,$vms){})
  • Use $vms.config to feed the module with some necessary configurations NOTE: you must call this function in order the module to work properly. $vms.config function takes an JSON object with the following properties as an argument:
    • scope - The $scope of the controller from which you use the module (Object) required
    • ctrlName - The name of the controller from which you use the module (String) (Default:"http://localhost") required
    • prefix - A Unique name that will be saved alongside with your variables in the storage (String) (Default:"vms") optional
    • storageType - The storage in which your variables will be saved (localStorage/sessionStorage) (String) (Default:"localStorage") optional
    • onReload - A Setting determines whether the model will clear the data from storage on page reload or keep it (empty/save) (String) (Default:"empty") optional
  • Attach any properties that you want to $vms
  • Enjoy :)