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A ngrx store library to track an asynchronous activity such as a http request, a ngrx effect or anything else.


  • Angular 13 and ngrx/store@13
  • Angular 12 and ngrx/store@12
  • Angular 11 and ngrx/store@11
  • Angular 10 and ngrx/store@10
  • Angular 9 and ngrx/store@9
  • Angular 8 and ngrx/store@8
  • Angular 7 and ngrx/store@7
  • Angular 6 and ngrx/store@6

API short list

Please check source code

  • NgrxCorrelationIdModule
  • CidTask
  • cidTask(correlationId, Observable)
  • cidWait()
  •, correlationId)
  • cidStart(correlationId: string)
  • cidPayload(correlationId: string, payload: any)
  • cidEnd(correlationId: string)
  • cidRemove(correlationId: string)

How to use

Import NgrxCorrelationIdModule in the same module where you import StoreModule.forRoot.

import {NgrxCorrelationIdModule} from 'ngrx-correlation-id';

    imports: [
        StoreModule.forRoot(/* ... */),
        NgrxCorrelationIdModule, // <- import it here
export class AppModule {}

Add cid: string to props of an action you want to track.

export const loadUsers = createAction(
  '[User] Load Users',
  props<{cid: string}>(), // <- correlation id

Wrap an effect pipe with cidTask. The first argument is a cid of the current task. The second argument is a stream that should be tracked.

Optionally you can dispatch cidPayload action with a custom payload. In this case we want our payload to be an array of ids of users.

import {cidPayload, cidTask} from 'ngrx-correlation-id';

export class UsersEffects {
    public readonly loadUsers$ = this.actions$.pipe(
        switchMap(({cid}) => cidTask(cid, this.http.get<Array<User>>('v2/api/users').pipe(
            switchMap(users => of(
                upsertUsers({items: users}),
                cidPayload({cid, payload: =>}),

        protected readonly actions$: Actions,
        private readonly http: HttpClient,
    ) {}

Update a component to use cid and all the features of the lib.

import {cidRemove, CidTask, cidWait, selectCid} from 'ngrx-correlation-id';

export class EntityComponent implements OnInit, OnDestroy {
    public readonly users$: Observable<Array<User>>;

    // set here an unique value to distinguish this task from others.
    private readonly cid: string = `randomString`;

    constructor(private readonly store: Store) {
        // selecting the related task that belongs to cid.
        this.users$ =<CidTask<Array<string>>>(selectCid, this.cid).pipe(

            // doesn't emit until the task isn't completed
            cidWait(), // waits until the task starts, then waits until the task ends and the task.

            map(task => task.payload),
            map(([ids, users]) => users && users.filter(user => ids.indexOf( !== -1) || []),

    public ngOnInit(): void {
        // dispatching an action to load users.{cid: this.cid}));

    public ngOnDestroy(): void {
        // clearing payload and selector{cid: this.cid}));

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