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Node based wrapper for ngrok... Ideally this would be baked into ngrok (or as a go client) but as an inital PoC I wrote this by wrapping ngrok.


  • machine readable (json) output
  • json config files to generate unique (public) hostnames.


create a ngrok_services.json (can also be a js file) like this:

  "http": { "port": 8080 },
  "amqp": { "port": 5701, "proto": "tcp", "authtoken": "..." },

Then it can be manipulated via ngrok-services:

# usage is global ngrok-services might be at ./node_modules/.bin/ngrok-services 
ngrok-services start
ngrok-services stop
ngrok-services restart
# can also be used with paths 
ngrok-services start some_folder
ngrok-services stop some_folder
ngrok-services restart some_folder