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A simple toy to render a graph with text symbols.

build status # Example

This will render a 10x10 grid graph in your terminal:

var graph = require('ngraph.generators').grid(10, 10);
var asciiGraphics = require('ngraph.ascii').graphics(graph);;

You can also customize how each node is rendered, by passing a callback:

var graph = require('ngraph.generators').grid(10, 10);
var asciiGraphics = require('../').graphics(graph);
asciiGraphics.createNodeUI(function (node) {
  return '+'; // each node is now rendered as a '+' symbol 

Even though the name says ascii you can use unicode symbols if your terminal supports them:

Note: in these examples we are using ngraph.generators to create a predefined graph. You can always use ngraph.graph for custom graphs.


With npm do:

npm install ngraph.ascii