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Angular6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16 Unit Test Generator For Components, Directive, Services, and Pipes

Install & Run

$ npm install ngentest -D
$ npx ngentest -h          
Usage: index.js <tsFile> [options]

      --version     Show version number                                [boolean]
  -s, --spec        write the spec file along with source file         [boolean]
  -f, --force       It prints out a new test file, and it does not ask a
                    question when overwrite spec file                  [boolean]
  -v, --verbose     log verbose debug messages                         [boolean]
      --framework   test framework, jest or karma                       [string]
  -c, --config      The configuration file to load options from
                                        [string] [default: "ngentest.config.js"]
  -h                Show help                                          [boolean]

  index.js my.component.ts  generate Angular unit test for my.component.ts

$ npx ngentest my.component.ts 
$ npx ngentest my.directive.ts -s # write unit test to my.directive.spec.ts
$ npx ngentest my.directive.ts -c ../ngentest.config.js # use different config file.

To see the source file and generated examples, please take a look at test-examples directory.


You can override configuration by creating a file named as ngentest.config.js in your application directory and running ngentest from that directory. You can also provide a configuration file using -c my.config.js. If you want to use your own config, refer the default config file

  • framework: jest or karma. The default is jest. This value determines how function mock and assert is to be done.

  • outputTemplates: template string for each type. Please specify your own template if you want to override the default template. There are five types;

    • klass: ejs template for an ES6 class without angular decorator.
    • component: ejs template for an Angular component.
    • directive: ejs template for an Angular directive.
    • injectable: ejs template for an Angular service.
    • pipe: ejs template for an Angular pipe.


    outputTemplates: {
      klass: myKlassTemplate, 
      component: myComponentTemplate,
      directive: myDirectiveTemplate,
      injectable: myInjectableTemplate, 
      pipe: myPipeTemplate 
  • directives: Array of diretive names, necessary for a component test. e.g.,

    directives: ['myDirective']
  • pipes: Array of pipe names, necessary for a component test. e.g.

    pipes: ['translate', 'phoneNumber', 'safeHtml']
  • replacements: There are some codes, which causes error without proper environment. You need to replace these codes. You can specify from value with regular expression and to value with string. e.g.

    replacements: [
      { from: '^\\S+\\.define\\(.*\\);', to: ''}`
  • providerMocks: When the following class is used in a constructor parameter, create a mock class with the given statements. e.g.

    providerMocks: {
      ElementRef: ['nativeElement = {};'],
      Router: ['navigate() {};'],
      Document: ['querySelector() {};'],
      HttpClient: ['post() {};'],
      TranslateService: ['translate() {};'],
      EncryptionService: [],

Full Example (

module.exports = {
  framework: 'karma', // or 'jest'
  outputTemplates: {
    klass: klassTemplate,  // ejs contents read from file
    component: componentTemplate,
    directive: directiveTemplate,
    injectable: injectableTemplate, 
    pipe: pipeTemplate 
  // necessary directives used for a component test
  directives: [
    // 'myCustomDirective' // my custom directive used over application
  // necessary pipes used for a component test
  pipes: [
    'translate', 'phoneNumber', 'safeHtml'
  // when convert to JS, some codes need to be replaced to work 
  replacements: [ // some 3rd party module causes an error
    { from: '^\\S+\\.define\\(.*\\);', to: ''} // some commands causes error
  // when constructor param type is as following, create a mock class with this properties
  // e.g. @Injectable() MockElementRef { nativeElement = {}; }
  providerMocks: {
    ElementRef: ['nativeElement = {};'],
    Router: ['navigate() {};'],
    Document: ['querySelector() {};'],
    HttpClient: ['post() {};'],
    TranslateService: ['translate() {};'],
    EncryptionService: [],

How It works

  1. Parse a Typescript file and find these info.

    • imports: imports statements info.
    • inputs: @Input statements info.
    • outputs: @Output statements info.
    • component provider: providers info used in @Component decorator.
    • selector: selector info used in @Component or @Directove decorator.
  2. Compile Typescript to Javascript, then parse the Javascript, and get the following info.

    • constructor param data
    • provider mock data
    • accessor tests
    • function tests
  3. build ejs data from #1 and #2, and generate test code.

For Developers:

Directory structure

  • api directory:

    • source code to run this as an API
    • To run local express server, node api/express-server.js
    • api/index.js is a structure used by Vercel
  • ejs-template directory:

    • default EJS templates for unit test generation
  • test directory:

    • All test files including unit test goes here
  • cli.js:

    • used as ngentest command
  • ngentest.config.js:

    • The default configuration file used by cli.js
  • vercel.json:

    • Used to deploy to

Deployment to Vercel

Whenever main branch is updated, API will be deployed by following vercel.json.
To see the usage of this API, refer this

To make it sure it does not break any feature

$ npm i

$ npm test
> ngentest@2.1.1 test
> node --test test/*.spec.js && node test/index.js
▶ TypescriptParser
▶ Util
passed check /Users/allenkim/projects/ngentest/test/test-examples/example.klass.ts
passed check /Users/allenkim/projects/ngentest/test/test-examples/example.component.ts
passed check /Users/allenkim/projects/ngentest/test/test-examples/example2.component.ts
passed check /Users/allenkim/projects/ngentest/test/test-examples/example3.component.ts
passed check /Users/allenkim/projects/ngentest/test/test-examples/example4.component.ts
passed check /Users/allenkim/projects/ngentest/test/test-examples/example5.component.ts
passed check /Users/allenkim/projects/ngentest/test/test-examples/example6.component.ts
passed check /Users/allenkim/projects/ngentest/test/test-examples/example7.component.ts
passed check /Users/allenkim/projects/ngentest/test/test-examples/example8.component.ts
passed check /Users/allenkim/projects/ngentest/test/test-examples/example9.component.ts
passed check /Users/allenkim/projects/ngentest/test/test-examples/exampleX.component.ts
passed check /Users/allenkim/projects/ngentest/test/test-examples/example.directive.ts
passed check /Users/allenkim/projects/ngentest/test/test-examples/example.service.ts
passed check /Users/allenkim/projects/ngentest/test/test-examples/example.pipe.ts
passed check /Users/allenkim/projects/ngentest/test/test-examples/example2.pipe.ts

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