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    Simple module for hide and show text. Based on its lenght provided by user.

    Github Repo This project was generated with Angular CLI version 7.2.1.

    How to Use

    • npm install nga-read-more
    • import { NgaReadMoreModule } from 'nga-read-more';
    • imports: [ NgaReadMoreModule]

    Use it in your component like below :

    <nga-read-more [text]="'your text'" [linkColor]="'your color'" [textLength]="20"></nga-read-more>

    Pass [text] as input which you want to toggle.
    Pass [textLength] as input, it will allow you to hide text if it is more than textLength.
    Pass [linkColor] as input, Customise link color. Default color is #0000ff

    Note: If user doesn't pass textLength, by default it will show 20 characters. It will work with angular6,7 also, should also work without any issue with angular 8
    In case of issue please open bug at Github
    Feedback and improvements always welcome.

    Update in version 0.0.6

    • Now you can pass [linkColor] as input for changing the link color. By Default it would be blue.
    • Fixed bug for null values. In case if null value is coming it will not through any error or unexpected behaviour.
    • Bug fix if textLength is 0 or -1. It will make it as default value 20.
    • Removed <div> and using <ng-container> to make it inline with content.


    npm i nga-read-more

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