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    Angular 4/5/6 custom async loading spinner with two simple methods for your asychronous calls. Custom loading template & loading text inputs are also available.

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    Docs Link

    Link to ng4-loading-spinner

    Default Spinner Example

    Open Plunker

    Custom Template Example

    Open Plunker


    npm i ng4-loading-spinner --save


    You can override the css for your customized spinner.

    You can also configure your own threshold to show spinner only for more expensive processes!

    Supports latest Angular v5.x

    Supports latest Angular v6.x

    Supports latest Angular cli v1.5.x

    Supports latest Angular cli v6.x

    New Updates

    #loading-spinner-text / .loading-spinner-text : Both id and class attributes given to spinner text component to customize the loading text css

    [timeout] The time after which spinner will be hidden. Default is 5000 ms

    Resolved issues related to templates and loading text.


    Import module to your application master module

    import { Ng4LoadingSpinnerModule } from 'ng4-loading-spinner';

    Make an import entry as shown below

    imports: [ Ng4LoadingSpinnerModule.forRoot() ]

    Include spinner component to your root level component.

    <ng4-loading-spinner> </ng4-loading-spinner>

    Import Ng4LoadingSpinnerService to the component where you want to show the spinner.

    import { Ng4LoadingSpinnerService } from 'ng4-loading-spinner';

    Inject dependancy

            private spinnerService: Ng4LoadingSpinnerService
        ) { }

    Use show() method to display the loading spinner.


    Use hide() method to hide the loading spinner once the processing is done.



            .subscribe(data => {

    Custom template

    [template] : Accepts HTML which generates the loading spinner. You can apply additional css to design your own spinner, or can just pass *.gif image to show the loading spinner.

    [loadingText] : Accepts a string to display the text while the loading process.

    [zIndex] : Accepts a z-index css property for loading text.

    [threshold] : Accepts time in milliseconds for threshold through which you can conditionally show the spinner only for expensive calls. Default is 500 ms.

    [timeout] : Accepts time in milliseconds to hide the spinner automatically. Default is 5000 ms.

    default [loadingText] text would be blank.

    app.component.html : both are optional if not provided default would be shown.

    <ng4-loading-spinner [threshold]="2000" [timeout]="4000" [template]="template" [loadingText]="'Please wait...'" [zIndex]="9999"></ng4-loading-spinner>

    [threshold]="2000" : This will show the loading bar for the only processes which will take time more 2 secs.


    template: string =`<img src="" />`


    MIT © Amit Mahida


    npm i ng4-loading-spinner

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