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A combination of Angular2 & OpenLayers3 using TypeScript, RxJS, SCSS & Bootstrap for creating customizable, modern web maps

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A combination of Angular2 & OpenLayers3 using TypeScript, RxJS & SCSS (Bourbon) for creating customizable, modern web maps

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Node.js with npm is required. The minimum version of Node.js is 4.x.x, the minimum version of npm is 3.x.x. You can check the versions with the following commands: node -v and npm -v. About installing and/or upgrading Node.js & npm follow this tutorial.

Navigate to ng2ol3's main directory and run npm install to download all dependencies.

Live example

An online example can be opened here.


  1. If you wish to see the built-in demos or modify the source files, simply run npm start to load the demo page on localhost:3000. This starts Node.js and watches for file changes until you shut it down. For example, if you change a .ts, .scss or .html file, Node.js instantly transpiles .ts into .js, .scss into .css, and the page is reloaded by itself.
  2. If you would like to use ng2ol3 as an npm library in your Angular2 project, you can also do that since ng2ol3 is on npm as well. A simple example can be found in the file. All you have to do is unpack it somewhere on your machine, run npm install and then npm start.

Present & Future

This project is still very new and therefore it contains only a couple of components (widgets), most of them are under heavy development. In the near future I intend to add/extend other widgets. More examples will arrive as soon as the project becomes smarter.

Ng2ol3 has been updated to work with the latest Angular2 (2.2.3) and TypeScript2 (2.0.10).



ng2ol3 was created by Gergely Padányi-Gulyás