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A set of tslint rules for static code analysis of Angular 2 TypeScript projects.

Recommended configuration

Below you can find a recommended configuration which is based on the Angular 2 Style Guide.

  "directive-selector-name": [true, "camelCase"],
  "component-selector-name": [true, "kebab-case"],
  "directive-selector-type": [true, "attribute"],
  "component-selector-type": [true, "element"],
  "directive-selector-prefix": [true, "sg"],
  "component-selector-prefix": [true, "sg"],
  "host-parameter-decorator": true,
  "input-parameter-decorator": true,
  "output-parameter-decorator": true,


  • Directive selector type.
  • Directive selector name convention.
  • Directive selector name prefix.
  • Component selector type.
  • Component selector name convention.
  • Component selector name prefix.
  • Use @Input instead of inputs decorator property.
  • Use @Output instead of outputs decorator property.
  • Use @HostListeners and @HostBindings instead of host decorator property.
  • Do not use nativeElement injected with ElementRef.
  • Do not rename inputs.
  • Do not rename outputs.
  • Externalize template above n lines of code.
  • Do not use the @Attribute decorator.
  • Do not use forwardRef.
  • Rise a warning for impure pipes.
  • Do not declare global providers.
  • Follow convention for naming the routes.
  • Use @Injectable instead of @Inject.
  • Single export per module, except facade modules.
  • Proper naming of modules (kebab-case followed by module type followed by extension for regular modules, module name plus extension name for facades).
  • Verify if used directive is declared in the current component or any parent component.
  • Verify that property or method used in the template exists in the current context.
  • Proper naming of directives and components (name plus (Directive|Component) suffix).
  • Locate component templates in the same directory.
  • Locate tests in the same directory (rise optional warning when no test file is found).
  • Rise warning on complex logic inside of the templates.
  • Do not manipulate elements referenced within the template.
  • Implement life-cycle hooks explicitly.
  • Implement Pipe transform interface for pipes.
  • Proper naming for pipes (kebab-case, optionally prefixed).