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Boilerplate code for Angular2 and Webpack

This package will install everything you need to get started with a functioning Angular application written in TypeScript and built with Webpack.

To use

Just put "ng2-webpack-boiler" in your package.json and let the package handle everything for you. When the Angular version (or build tools) update in a new version of this package, just update it locally with npm. If any files that the package wants to create are already presesnt, it won't automatically overwrite them. Later, you can run the index.js script to perform some maintenance on your build. Specifying --config will give you a new sample webpack config to compare with the one you're using. Specifying --boiler will give you the basics again and, if you give it permission when it asks, overwrite existing files.

You can also clone this and delete the index.js file and .git folder and just take over the folder as your own.