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Native Angular2 directive for Vizabi component.

Vizabi is a framework for building visual data exploration tools freely provided by Gapminder. WARNING: Vizabi is in alpha. Don't expect too much!

Quick start

  1. A recommended way to install ng2-vizabi is through npm package manager using the following command:

npm i ng2-vizabi --save

Alternatively, you can download it in a ZIP file.

  1. More information regarding using of ng2-vizabi is located in demo and demo sources.

To view the demo: clone the repo, run npm i, npm run build, npm start


Inputs (Properties)

  • order (?number) - tab order could be useful to indicate tab number in set of tabs
  • readerModuleObject (?any) - object (separate module that contains method to get reader's object); undefined by default
  • readerGetMethod (?string) - method name (to get reader's object) in readerModuleObject; undefined by default
  • readerPlugins (?any[]) - parameters for readerGetMethod as different kind of objects depending on reader functionality
  • readerName (?string) - reader's name; undefined by default
  • chartType (string) - chart type for current Vizabi instance
  • stopUrlRedirect (?boolean) - prevents anywindow.location` activity
  • model (any) - model for current Vizabi instance
  • modelHash (?string) - hash (url encoded) with extra data for model; undefined by default
  • active (?boolean`) - this flag could be useful to indicate active tab of many tabs
  • language (?string) - current language, it might be passed toVizabi` as-is
  • additionalItems (?any[]) - additional items that should be added as data_... section of model: it will be an additional csv file or DDF folder
  • reloadTime (?number) - put reload time, after that current chart will be reloaded
  • restoreAfterReload (?boolean) - current chart state will be restored after reloadTime activity

Outputs (Events)

  • onCreated - it fires during Vizabi based chart was created successfully
  • onChanged - it fires during Vizabi based chart was changed (additional data was added, for example)
  • onReadyOnce - happens once on the load when both DOM and MODEL are ready
  • onClick - it fires during click was occurred on Vizabi based chart
  • onError - it fires during an error was occurred on Vizabi based chart

NPM Publishing

npm run build
cd dist
npm publish

Important note. Don't publish this project from root directory.


If you need to publish demo examples to gh-pages you should follow next steps:

npm run build
npm run
cd demo/dist

Put content from demo/dist to your gh-pages branch.


Known problems:

npm run build cp is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

You are using windows command prompt that sucks. Cygwin solves it. Or use git bash. Or use linux/mac.

npm run build fails

try updating your node/npm. Last time i checked the app it was working and i had node v6.10.2, npm v3.10.10

Please follow this guidelines when reporting bugs and feature requests:

  1. Use GitHub Issues board to report bugs and feature requests (not our email address)
  2. Please always write steps to reproduce the error. That way we can focus on fixing the bug, not scratching our heads trying to reproduce it.

Thanks for understanding!


npm i ng2-vizabi

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