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ng2-oauth-magento is a Angular2 library that helps in establishing connection to magento with oauth.


  • Apache Cordova 3.5+
  • Angular2
  • [Apache Cordova InAppBrowser Plugin] (
  • [Apache Cordova Whitelist Plugin] (
  • jsSHA 1.6.0 Secure Hash Library

Installing ng2-oauth-magento

npm install --save ng2-oauth-magento

Using ng2-oauth-magento

import {CordovaOauthMagento} from 'ng2-oauth-magento/core';
this.oauthMagento = new CordovaOauthMagento({baseUrl: yourbaseURL, consumerKey: yourconsumerKey, consumerSecretKey: yourconsumerSecretKey});
        this.oauthMagento.connect().then((success) => {
        }, (error) => {

This library will NOT work with a web browser, ionic serve, or ionic view. It WILL WORK by installing either in device or in simulator.